Bat Removal

Peterborough Bat RemovalEveryone loves watching bats in flight and they eat tons of insects. However, having a colony take up residence in your attic is anything but fun and attempting bat removal on your own can be dangerous.

Bats should be evicted as soon as possible after detection. Bat droppings contain dust that is toxic to human lung tissue and bats can carry rabies.

Bat removal, or exclusion (eviction) is time consuming and usually expensive.

An inspection is necessary to determine the size of the colony and their access points. One-way doors are usually designed to allow the bats out. All droppings and spoiled insulation is removed and then the house is sealed.

If you suspect you have a Bat problem in your home, call Canadian Shield Pest Control. We will perform an inspection and do our best to negotiate a price that’s fair for you.

For more information on Bats please read over our Bats Fact Sheet.

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