Flea Removal & Extermination

Peterborough Flea RemovalAlmost everybody knows what it’s like to have fleas. An infestation of dog or cat fleas has to be one of the most annoying experiences in existence! My advice, if you are being bitten by fleas or have a flea problem in your home call the exterminator.

Attempting to control an infestation of fleas with cans of aerosol or flea insecticide that you bought from the store is not likely to work, so if you are in the Peterborough or Oshawa areas, we can help provide a professional solution that is guaranteed to remove fleas from your home.

Several factors are involved to be successful eliminating this parasite called fleas. In order to ensure a successful complete removal of all flea,s you will need to ensure that you de-flea all pets before they are brought back into a treated home.

Extensive preparation is absolutely necessary.

Canadian Shield can supply you with preparation instructions via e-mail or fax. We consider fleas to be an emergency and will do our best to co-ordinate expedient service. We provide flea removal services to the entire Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes, Oshawa & Durham regions.

For more information on Fleas please read over our Fleas Fact Sheet.

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