Removal of Flies

Peterborough FliesWhen the spring time temperature exceeds 0 degrees celcius, cluster flies and house flies start making their appearances around the Peterborough and Oshawa areas.

Usually you will see cluster flies and house flies buzzing around interior windows or lights. On the outside cluster flies and house flies will appear on the sunny side of houses.

Homes most generally affected are in rural areas. These flies are attracted to structures that will allow them access to heat. You can find cluster files and house flies wintering behind siding or around poorly sealed windows.

The best and most effective way to kill cluster flies and kill house flies is to ask Canadian Shield Pest Control to begin a program.

Programs to control house flies can vary from 1 to 2 applications a year depending on structure type and location. Canadian Shield Pest Control will customize a cluster fly program that is effective and affordable to you.

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